Speak at YES Group Oxford

YES Group Oxford is always interested to hear from high calibre speakers with proven experience of speaking on large stages. In the past the YES Group Oxford has welcomed many famous individuals from the field of personal and business development, health and well-being, and aims to maintain these high standards ensuring we provide only quality and value presentations to our members and guests.

If you are interested in speaking at the YES Group Oxford, please complete the application form below. Please write it from the perspective of the audience as to what they will gain from listening to you speak. Your content needs to be concise, compelling, fun, upbeat and with a focus on what our members and guests will learn during their evening.

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Biography - Tell us a little about where you’ve come from and something you’ve overcome to get where you are now, but keep it short ;

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The content provided above will be used to assess where you may fit into our schedule and what type of value you will provide to the YES Group Oxford members and guests. Once submitted a member of the Leadership team will be in contact. Please note that speakers are also volunteers and thus not paid to speak on our stage, sometimes we meet expenses. We have strict criteria, and rules of the room available on request. We encourage our audience to go on a journey with you, and we provide you a table at the back where any sales on the night go 100% to you.

Once again thank you for taking the time to be considered to provide value presenting for the YES Group – The UKs Number 1 Personal Development Community.