When is the next meeting?

Normally third Tuesday of the month.

But please checkout the homepage and your last email notification.  If you are not receiving regular emails from us (at least 2 per month) then contact us here as you may have been removed from the newsletter list due to a hard bounce reply from your ISP or a soft bounce due to your mailbox being over quota.

Where is the next meeting?

Our regular venue is at Restore, Manzil Way, Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1YH website:  RESTORE

What time does the meeting start?

We start with welcome desk registration from 6.30pm with the programme starting prompt at 6.59pm.  Always checkout the homepage at the website and your last email notification.

What time does the meeting end?

Our events usually end about 10pm.  As the sessions involve “live” speakers and group sessions they have been known to over-run up to 15 minutes later! Some need to catch trains but others hang out for a while.

Can I/we book tickets in advance?

Yes – Advance booking is available online via this link  on our website.  There is also admission on a “first come, first served” basis at the door on the night of the event based on availability.

How much is admission to the meeting?

This depends if you are a paid up YES Group member, no cost, otherwise the cost is £7 on the door, sometimes tickets are available on an early-bird basis for less. Please note that we currently only take cash at the event.

2. MEMBERSHIP (not a requirement to attend)

How much is membership?

Annual membership of YES Group costs £97. However with the delivery now of the much anticipated website subs will need to increase in the future, a good time to get one.

It is our intention to maintain the current Members cost at £97 for as long as possible.

Currently included in the membership is with preregistration guaranteed access to monthly event and:

GoalsettingYES our annual event on 6th January 2018

Basket Brigade. 23rd of December.

Website: Members content and forum.

All new memberships purchase will now going forward include access to all YES Groups worldwide!

In addition, as a paid up member you get all the London speaker links to review and watch, new courseware and content from the archive, additional articles, offers available in the ‘Member Only’ part of this website and more!

If you’re committed to your personal development squeezing every last benefit out of attending our live events and using our website makes great financial sense. You can join us online at this website using the online debit/credit card facility

How will YES Group Oxford benefit me by being a member?

This question gets us to our core values. YES Group London was established in 1993 as a supporting community of like minded individuals who want to grow and wish to make a difference through leading contribution.

In being a member, you will have full access to this pioneering and evolving web site which enables you to network and contribute in all aspects of your personal development. You will be among some of the most inspirational people in the personal development community and create a peer group of friends with a like-minded mindset. It will influence and change your life forever.


How can I get involved as part of the Yes Group team?

You can get involved in 4 ways :

1. Join the Leadership Team.

2. Support team – Working within one of the core areas supporting the leadership team e.g. finance, event management, speaker liaison Etc. email leader.oxford@yesgroup.org

4. Speak – we encourage our members to share on stage and provide some support and coaching

5. Sign up for Basket Brigade for 23rd Dec. you could donate your time for the auction, help as part of the team – email chair@basketbrigade.org.uk

Click here to contact us about any of the above



What is YES Group London’s relationship with Tony Robbins?

Since Karl Pearsall formed YES Group London in 1993, the group has been the defacto peer group in the UK and then elsewhere of Anthony Robbins graduates and those interested in his work. Over decades many of the YES Group leaders have worked on Tony’s events as his trainers and crew.  However we have grown into an independent community, still upholding the standards and values shared by Tony but also diversified to forge relationships with other holistic and self development organisations with the purpose of providing support to our members in a variety of fields. This growth has been the catalyst for the birth of YES Group worldwide today.



What is the future of YES Group worldwide?

“A world where everyone has access to a peer group that inspires them to grow and contribute”

Since 1993 Karl Pearsall and a handful of Tony Robbins graduates who set up this support group for other graduates have taken the next step. The group has evolved into a catalyst for growth and contribution, extending beyond just its members. The YES Group draws on its membership for things to happen and at a local level operates as a volunteer group, we rely totally on the contribution of our membership and our success can only be credited to them.  The  local leadership team (the local managing body) have meetings and within a framework make choices about local event experiences including the speakers.

This new web site & the computerised registration and database system we have invested in, have created the first pioneering step towards our future using today’s communication technology. From here, it is our goal to attract a larger and more active membership online. This will link up all of the regional and international YES Groups. We are committed to driving the YES Group to even higher levels of excellence in leadership, setting new standards and supporting the greater community. In ‘partnership’ with YES Group Basket Brigade.

If you still have questions, please contact us here