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“How to Create the Life You Love!” with Sharon Mitchell

20th November 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


What if you could discover why you FAIL and learn to STOP IT?

Do you feel you have not created that beautiful and magical life you sometimes dream about?

Do you feel there is something missing? The loving and passionate relationship, dissatisfaction with your health, body, wellbeing, career?

“You cannot read the label on the bottle from inside the bottle”.

In this presentation we will explore, using stories and exercises, what powerful creative beings we are and how we create everything, even our sabotaging behaviour.
Of course, you will know some of your self-sabotaging behaviour, we all do. But what you know is only the tip of the iceberg. And as we all know it was not the tip of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, it was the hidden danger underneath the surface. It is always the dysfunctional thoughts & beliefs that you are NOT yet aware of that make you self-sabotage yourself and your goals.

What we think we’re focused on isn’t always what we’re focused on!

The good news is that by becoming aware that there’s an underlying agenda and focus, we can shine a light on that, without having to do any real work, healing or fixing so we can take the power & energy away from those sabotaging beliefs. We can then refocus to create an outcome that we’d love instead, quite often effortlessly. The irony is, that the more elaborate and spectacular our sabotaging behaviour, when we redirect that energy and focus and align it with our hearts, the more elaborate and spectacularly we can create what we love and manifest our dreams.

We all have our own unique Dysfunctional Formation. This is a series of self-sabotaging actions, thoughts and beliefs that we go through every single time when we fail. A Dysfunctional Formation is a pattern consisting of about 20 steps that are unique to you. Just like your finger print, no one else will have the same. Every time you fail you will go through the same action steps, thoughts and beliefs. If you’re unaware of this, it usually leads to frustration and disappointment until you realise that it doesn’t actually mean anything about you as a Powerful, Creative Being!

It just means you haven’t yet learned what those steps are and that there is always a choice at any of those steps to redirect your actions so that you are always choosing success.

Take Away experience and learning:

Whilst every day there are many things you succeed in, we’ll explore why we often fail to create things that mean a lot to us. By identifying some of the underlying dialogue and beliefs we’re telling our subconscious, instead of sabotaging, we’re able to resolve that psychological tension in favour of what we love instead.

By the end of the presentation:

• You will also realise, using practical experiences, that whatever it might be – something we wanted to create or whether we’ve created it dysfunctionally – it has always been in your power to change certain outcomes.
• How you can refocus towards creating what you’d love no matter where you are right now or your past experiences even if you have extremely poor health or few resources.

If you know your unique pattern and at least some of the sabotaging steps it consists of, then you suddenly have your own personalised early warning system.

Knowing these warning signs then gives you the CHOICE to use your unique Access Points, halting an inevitable train-wreck, to avoid self- sabotage and failure, becoming aware of what’s going on before it’s too late. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

About Sharon ‘Raindancer’ Mitchell

Keynote Performance Speaker; C.E.O. TheMindworkshop; Dancer/Singer/Songwriter; Shaman, Mentor, Coach and Trainer in Super-Conscious Creative Living.

Part Native-American – Ojibwe, part Welsh, Raindancer has had a life-long fascination for human behaviour and the power of the subconscious. She works intuitively whether that’s dancing, creating songs, speaking or mentoring and serving her clients.

Educated at Middlesex University: BSc Psychology; MSc Forensic Psychology; London University: Masters Clinical Hypnotherapy & The Natural Success Academy: Mastery; Accredited Mentor, Coach & Trainer – SuperConscious Creative Living.



The social part of the evening starts at 7pm. We offer hot drinks, sweet nibbles and crudités with dips (vegetarian/vegan).

Price at the door is £7 (£4 concession).

At ca. 19:30 we get the ball rolling with an introduction to the Yes Group, followed by the speaker. There will be a 20 minute break around 9pm, and we finish around 10:00 pm.

Free Parking available at the Restore Centre.

Should you have trouble finding it, please call 07507 864352 (Richard)


20th November 2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


YES Group Oxford, Restore
Manzil Way,Cowley Road
Oxford, OX4 1YH United Kingdom
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01865 455821